A Love Letter, An Angel and the Birth of a Calling (Part 2)

It’s weird how key points in your life point to the future, the significance of which you can’t know till the passage of time. I received that love letter from (from Part 1 post) only days after my salvation. I could not possibly know the impact it would have on my life. Today’s story is about how I learned that not only was this love letter written by God but His messenger was indeed an angel.

Two years after I had written Clips that Move Mountains and it’s Bible study companion, Journey to the Abundant Christian Life. I began my Doctoral studies at Christian Leadership University. The school’s uniqueness is that its foundational principle is to learn how to hear God’s voice and encounter Him personally and promised and demonstrated in the Bible. Once that simple skill is learned, God became my One-on-one Professor. It is ironic to me now that I would receive my first message from God only days after salvation and now I teach people how to receive messages and have encounters with God. (More on how and why that is in Part 3 of this story).

In 2014, while taking a class on deliverance. I was learning how to bring Jesus into past memories so He could show me the true picture of where He was at the time. Because He is omnipresent, He was there for every moment of my life. The assignment was to go back to a painful memory and ask the Lord to help me understand it better so I could find forgiveness and healing. This is the recounting o that experience I had with Jesus:

I met Jesus in my special place in the spirit. He and I walked up the hill to the Sea of Galilee. Then, we laid on the ground and were looking and laughing at the clouds. Jesus thought that one looked like an elephant and I thought it looked like a duck.

“You can ask Me to show you anything that you want to know”. Jesus said.

“Lord, as painful as it is to take me back to my heartbreak in 1979. Please show me where you were when Maureen and I were talking and I received the love letter.”

Immediately, I was back in 1979, watching the scene as if like Scrooge, there but not really there. I saw myself crying face down on my bed in my dorm room. I looked around and could see with great detail remembering what the room looked like. Then I saw Jesus lying next to me on the bed as I sobbed. He was whispering in my ear. I walked over closer so I could hear what He was saying to me. He was speaking word for word the love letter. At that same moment, I saw the words being typed in the upper right corner of my mind’s eye. As Jesus spoke the words, they were appearing on paper in heaven. Then I saw Jesus giving the paper to Maureen in heaven.

Next, I saw short vignette glimpses of Maureen and me as she gave me the letter, and of us studying the Word together. Then I saw myself trying to call her on the hallway phone, and Jesus was standing next to me. I was talking to the guys who answered the phone. I was confused as they said they had that number all school year. As I heard myself talking to the guys on the phone, Jesus was whispering in my ear… “You don’t need her anymore… you have Me now…” He was repeating that in my ear as I hung up the phone in lost confusion.

“Wow, Lord. That really helps me understand this situation so much more. You were with me the entire time! Please show me Maureen now so I can thank her for what she did for me”.

Suddenly, we were back at the special place still lying on the grass and we sat up on the hill and Jesus pointed toward the Sea. I saw Maureen walking up the hill to greet us. She was wearing a Roman dress with a breastplate of armor and had long dark and flowing hair. She looked a bit like I remember her, but didn’t have glasses, and she still looked young. She hugged me and I hugged her and could feel her wings… soft, strong, and powerful. She had a meekness about her; strength under control.

Then the Lord gave me short images of Maureen with me as a child sitting on my bed as I was crying because I could hear my parents fighting. And another where she was sitting and laughing as my sibs and I were hanging our feet off the back of our powder blue station wagon at a drive-in movie. And I saw her with Jesus when He gave her the letter and the assignment to share it with me.

“Just like Me, she has been with you all along. She is your Guardian Angel”. Jesus said.

I thanked them both and cried… it was an overwhelming encounter! Maureen and I have had many adventures together since then. Not the least of which was experiencing what the shepherds saw on the night of Jesus’ birth. Ask, seek, and knock and you can have adventures with Jesus like this too! Look for that story closer to Christmas!

The Lord brought that love letter back to me one more time and used it to clarify my calling. For more on that, make sure you catch Part 3 of this story.



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Dr. Patty Sadallah

Dr. Patty is a Christian Author, Professor and God's Encounter Facilitator. She creates experiences with the God to increase faith in the realness of God